Infeed shaft assembled in press

Infeed shaft close-up showing damage

Challenge: When our customer (a large commercial lithographer in the Midwest) contacted Hadronics, they were in a very tough situation. On one of their presses, the infeed shaft had separated from the body on the gear side of the press, which produced a crack in the weld. When the manufacturer was contacted, our customer was told that the lead time to get a spare shaft would be 4 to 6 weeks because the shaft was not a highly used spare part, so it was not kept in stock. Therefore, a new shaft would have to be manufactured and shipped from Germany. This was not acceptable, so Hadronics was contacted.

Solution: Hadronics received the call and responded immediately. We worked closely with the mechanic to find out more about the situation and how the problem occurred. After considering a number of alternatives, we were able to rotate the body to the degree needed for the mating parts to reassemble. This enabled us to get the press running in approximately three days.

Shaft in inspection after repair