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Repaired and ready to run

Challenge: A medium-sized carton printer in the Midwest recently experienced extensive damage to its impression, blanket and plate cylinders caused by a hold down breaking and falling into the press, rendering the press inoperable. The printer had heavy production schedules to meet and needed to get back in operation quickly, so they called Hadronics for emergency repairs.

Solution: Hadronics application engineer visited the printer to see the problem first hand. After examining the press and talking to the production personnel, it was determined that the cylinders could be repaired on the press by using a combination of welding, hand work and portable plating. The repairs were completed and the press was back in operation in just one week , compared to two months that would have been necessary if the cylinders had to be pulled from the press.

The Facility Manager wrote a letter to Hadronics commenting, “Hadronics responded in lightning speed and worked within our production schedule to complete all repairs. I am happy to say that we are up and running after a rigorous test on the repairs. I want to thank you for all your assistance.”